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Save Western Park Golf Course

This petition has been created in the hope that we can gain enough votes to save Western Park Golf course. A public course that was first opened in 1910. Some great points made here by Chuddy. I would like to point out a few things which should have a bearing on whether or not to close Western Park golf course. 1 Western Park golf club has been established for over 100 years which makes it one of the oldest golf clubs in the county. 2 The course contains a very large and varied selection of trees some of which are even older than the course itself, and should have preservation orders placed on them. These trees, as we are always being told, are a lung for the city providing oxygen and being so close to the M1 we do need something to absorb the carbon emissions that the traffic gives off. 3 The course holds a very wide variety of wild life including newts, frogs, foxes and badgers not to mention all the different birds, to name a few woodpeckers thrushes buzzards nut hatch Jays and so on. 4 The city has 10 leisure centres so the 5000 members equate to 500 per centre, where the 2 courses have 600 members 300 per course. This figure does not include all those using the pay and play option. In the last year 28,000 rounds of golf were played at Western park alone, and this during a year when the weather was against us 6/8 weeks closed for snow at the beginning of the year and a good number closed for rain at the end of the year and don't forget the Olympics which many people stayed at home to watch. 5 Many of the members of the 2 courses are senior citizens and playing golf gives them a regular form of exercise which they would otherwise not get, as I don't think many of them would want to go to the gym and pump weights or take part in kick boxing or aerobics. 6 There may be 16 course across the county but there are only a few that are within easy reach of the city. They are Kirby Muxloe @ £35 per round, Whetstone @ £14 per round. Forrest Hills £25 per round, Lingdale £30 per round Glen Gorse @ £35 and Cosby £30 per round. Taking that the average green fee for these courses is £28 per round and that on average a member of Western plays twice a week it would cost him / her £3080 per year compared with the annual fee for Western of £560. I do not think that there are many of us that could afford this and certainly not the senior citizens amongst us. 7 Last but not least the council have failed over a number of years to invest in the up keep of Western park. If they had spent a little money then Western park would be one of the very best courses in the county but as it is the bunkers need work and the drainage wants improving. The lack of this investment has caused many of the members who can afford to, to go elsewhere to play their golf. Improving the facilities and the course would bring back many and with that also encourage ladies to join. Golf, should not be a sport that only the well healed who can afford the exorbitant green fees of the private clubs should be able to play. It is a sport for all, especially now that it has become an Olympic sport. The fact that Leicester city council has two course which are reasonably priced and available to all seems to me to be highly commendable and the lose of either or both will have a very negative affect on a great many lives. Please do not let us go back to the days when golf was only played by bankers and doctors! Peter Soulsby is the Mayor / top man in Leicester City Council so the buck stops with him! Why has he overseen projects that have cost the City MILLIONS? e.g a City of Culture bid that FAILED!, Dug a BIG HOLE in a Council car park to find a skeleton and now he's being sued over ownership? (I beat he didn't pay the parking fee for the time the car park was closed?) He's put a recreational area in a completely impractical part of the City, closed down and built on the Safron Lane's velodrome (A Public Facility) now he wants to close down Western Park & Humberstone Heights Golf Clubs. His idea of spending Public Funds on projects for the minority that in my opinion aren't popular then pay for these selfish and impractical projects by closing down Public Facilities used by the majority has got to stop! I CALL FOR A VOTE TO SAVE WESTERN PARK GOLF COURSE.

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